Single Layer Ceramic Coating technology providing unmatched protection and durability.

No other coating comes close!

WAX IS DEAD offer the very best in ceramic coating technology. Engineered for specific applications our ceramic coatings offer the ultimate protection under the most extreme conditions.

Our range of coatings are suitable for professional detailing companies wanting to offer customers enhanced ceramic coating technology as well as detailing enthusiasts that need the very best products for their pride and joy; WAX IS DEAD is unlike anything you have tried before.

How WAX IS DEAD Ceramic Coatings Work?

Clearcoat naturally has bumps and dips that allow particles to get trapped, which can cause damage and prevent your vehicle from having that deep glossy reflection.

Our range of ceramic coatings fills in these bumps and dips thanks to it’s self-levelling technology to create a super-strong 9H hydrophobic surface that ensures your vehicle not only looks it’s best but repels harsh paint damaging particles and chemicals.

Protecting Against

UV & Sun Rays

Acid Rain

Bird Lime

Tree Sap

Solvents & Chemicals



WAX IS DEAD offer a variety of protective coatings specifically formulated for your chosen industry.

About Wax is Dead

WAX IS DEAD design and create Ceramic Coatings using the latest in nano-technology to form a 9H hardness barrier between any clear coated surface and the outside elements.

We are constantly researching, developing and testing formulas to ensure we can provide the best product when it comes to Ceramic Protection for our clients.