Protecting Your Vehicle Mile After Mile

WAX IS DEAD automotive range of ceramic coatings will protect and enhance your vehicle. Formulated using the latest in nano-coating technology, Wax is Dead ceramic coatings will form a protective layer between the surfaces of your vehicle and foreign elements.

Specially formulated for the automotive industry, the WAX IS DEAD automotive product line will protect and enhance every surface coated.

Protect Your Paint

Wax is Dead Flagship next-generation product in nano-ceramic technology is our Ultimate Ceramic Coating. Ultimate has been designed to offer the most extreme protection on the market.

Once applied, Ultimate is a protect barrier covering the entire vehicle in a protective sheet of 9H hardness ceramic that blocks scratch causing, shine reducing elements from bonding to the vehicles paint.

Not only will Ultimate keep your vehicle protected from harsh outdoor elements but will also help to maintain the vehicles shine with the ease of cleaning and minimum maintenance Ultimate offers; Ultimate is a must for any vehicle.

Repel Brake Dust

Wheels and brake callipers are two of the most dirt-attracting areas of a vehicle and due to brake dust can be difficult to clean without causing damage. Heat is explicitly designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Heat is a permanent protective coating with High Heat Resistant and Super Chemical Resistant properties to protect your wheels and brake callipers from damaging brake dust and fallout

Not only will wheels be protected by 9H Hardness but the hydrophobic properties of this advanced coating ensure wheels are easy to clean and reduce dirt and brake dust build-up.

No More Stains

Fabrics in your vehicle can be prone to stains from spills and other contaminants.

Our Fabric Protection forms an invisible protective barrier over the vehicles internal fabrics, ensuring any liquid and dirt contaminants lay on the surface and do not penetrate the textile substrate and can be wiped away with a dry cloth.

We also offer Skin, which is specifically formulated to protect leather. Skin features a super hydrophobic effect causing any liquid spills to bead up on the surface and quickly wiped away without affecting the leather substrate.

Skin is also UV resistant, which will help delay the ageing of leather interiors to maintain the soft, supple look and feel.

Improve Vision

Unprotected glass can be a hazard in the rain as water can stick and sheet over the windows, decreasing visibility. Glass is coating designed specifically for Glass.

The superhydrophobic properties of Glass ensure rainwater will bead up and run off the glass, which helps to improve visibility while driving in harsh weathers. Glass will also aid in easy cleaning and maintenance of your vehicles windscreen as dirt will no longer stick and build upon the surface. 


Wax is dead Ceramic Coatings work amazingly on motorcycles. it’s high gloss finish gives your motorcycle paintwork superior Chemical Resistance, UV and Thermal Protection and Super Hydrophobic effect.

The ceramic layer will give additional hardness to your paintwork and plastics providing the best protection from damaging environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals that would otherwise compromise the factory clear coat from paint-etching bugs, tree sap, acid rain, and exhaust stains.