Ceramic Coating


9H Protection

9H Hardness is not just for vehicles but now added for all aspects of the bike industry

Super Slick

Utilizing our super slick to the touch formula from our flagship product Utlimate

High Resale Value

Maintains your bikes appearance for improved resale value

Easy to clean

Advance Ceramic barrier with self cleaning effect slashes cleaning time in half

Mountain & Road Bike Protection

BIKE Ceramic Coating uses the next generation in ceramic nanotechnology. Specially formulated to work on all Bikes no matter what environment they are being used in.

BIKE can be applied directly to all surfaces including paint, metal, titanium, Carbon fibre and plastics ( including vinyl ). This means the entire bike frame will be protected from everyday elements by creating a ceramic barrier which also make cleaning easy thanks to the hydrophobic properties of BIKE.

We designed BIKE to be easy and safe to apply so bike owners can purchase and install BIKE at home.