Ceramic Coating


Wheel & Caliper protection

Offers years of protection against Brake Dust, grime and dirt build up.

Extreme Condition

Withstands up to 1,100 degrees to offer resilience in punishing environments

High UV Protection

Maximum UV ray protection for paint, stainless steel, Polished Metal to prevent ageing

Super Hydrophobic

Cleaning is easy without the use of chemicals and detergents.

Extreme Ceramic Protection

Providing extreme hardness and relilience for the most demanding conditions. Our Coating is our most effective for protecting against friction, Heat and solvents using the Next Generation formulas the industry has to offer. Heat will protect for years to come against brake dust, grime & dirt build up.

This Product makes cleaning wheels and calipers much easier to maintain as it creates a superficial barrier between the surfaces. Imparting a high gloss and bringing out the full luster and sheen of your Vehicles wheels and calipers .


Our Ceramic Technology

Once applied Heat forms an impenetrable seal over the vehicles paintwork so outside elements that diminish reflection, cause damage and corrosion cant adhere to the surface. This ensures the paint remains looking it’s best with minimal effort.

Get Protected With Wax is Dead

Heat must be applied by an approved installer.