Protection & Easy Cleaning

Owning your own home is a beautiful thing, but is also a great responsibility. Wax is Dead can help keep your home in excellent condition.

Using our Home Ceramic Coating range on your countertops, tables, showers, glass surfaces, appliances and more, cleaning is no longer a choir. With the excellent protection abilities, ceramic offers, dirty and grime will wipe away without the use of harsh chemicals.


Wax is Dead HOME reduces dirt and grime build up on glass, tiles, taps, showerheads, basins and much more.

Home is Ideal for keeping on top of limescale build-up by creating a protective layer to make cleaning easier and less often. Once applied Home will last up to 24 months and can easily be reapplied when needed.


Wax is Dead HOME makes keeping on top of cleaning your kitchen much easier. Home creates an invisible protective layer to help prevent stains and contamination due to its hydrophobic properties. Items such as kitchen units, worktops splashbacks, sinks and taps will be easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer.


Wax is Dead has formulated some fantastic products to help protect home Furnishings against stains and damage. Fabric will work on surfaces like fabric seats, carpet, Swede Trainers & Clothing while Skin works on sofas, shoes and bags etc.

Both products produce an invisible protective layer to protect the items coated from staining, Friction and harmful UV rays.

All Home products can be purchased and applied at home using our easy to follow instructions.