Ceramic Coating


Super Slick

Slick to the touch with insane hydrophobic properties

12 Months Durability

Instacure offers protection for up 12 months on painted surfaces

Mobile Detailers

Specially designed for Mobile detailers & Car enthusiast’s

Super High Gloss

High gloss finish will make vehicles look like they have been dipped in glass

Ceramic Protection For Mobile Detailers

Instacure is our second flagship product which has been specifically designed & produced for mobile detailers so they can now offer ceramic protection to clients. Our Product can be applied on the full exterior of the vehicle including all glass and plastics 

With its unique formula instacure has an instant curing time meaning there is no need for a detailing studio and this product can be applied outside at home or work at the customers convenience

Due to its instant curing flash times do not install instacure in direct sunlight, Please install in a shaded area on a cool day.

* Please Note Instacure is NOT a scratch or Chemical resistant coating  * & Is installed at the vehicle owners own risk.


Our Ceramic Technology

Once applied Instacure forms an impenetrable seal over the vehicles paintwork so outside elements that diminish reflection, cause damage and corrosion cant adhere to the surface. This ensures the paint remains looking it’s best with minimal effort.