Ceramic Coating


Super Slick

Slick to the touch with insane hydrophobic properties

Chemical Resistant

Developed to withstand strong chemicals that fall onto the paint work.

Strong Durability

Keeping your Motocross bike protected on track in harsh environments

Easy Maintenance

Ease of cleaning after heavy dirt track usage

Motocross & ATV Protection

Our MX Ceramic Coating is the best in the world today! Using the next generation in ceramic nanotechnology We have specially formulated this coating specifically Motocross Bikes no matter what environment there being used in.

MX can be applied directly onto various surfaces including paint, metal, titanium, Carbon fibre and plastics ( including vinyl Graphics). This means that your entire bike shell will be protected from the harsh elements and creating a ceramic barrier which also helps with easy cleaning after track day thanks to the added self cleaning hydrophobic properties MX adds.

This Product has been made for all Motocross Bike owners to purchase and apply themselves due to the safe easy installation of this product 

Please Note for Stronger Protection on engine compartments please contact of our local approved installers and request information on using Heat for engine application.