The Wax is Dead Range

Our ceramic coating range is the work of extensive research and testing. We have created a range a products to suite detailing workshops wanting to offer customers the best in ceramic coatings to cleaning enthusiasts that need an easy to apply, safe coating that offers industry leading protection.

We also have a range of coatings that are publically available for the DIY enthusiast and can be purchased within our online shop. For more information about each product click the links below.


Professional Application Only

Our Maximum protection ceramic coating with lifetime warranty


Professional Application Only

5 year long lasting 9H semi-permanent ceramic protection


Professional Application Only

24 months to 3 years of 9H hardness ceramic protection for those on a budget


Professional Application Only

Ceramic coating designed for mobile detailers that need a quick cure time

Wrap & PPF

Professional Application Only

Designed for vinyl and PPF applications for increased sunlight protection


Professional Application Only

Able to withstand temperatures up to 1100°C ensuring that components that reach high temperatures remain protected


Created for the demanding conditions of Motocross with an easy clean formula and enhanced scratch protection.


The perfect coating to protect mounting bikes from the harshest of use and retain resale value


All-in-one coating that protects multiple surfaces across the home


Keeps glass looking crystal clear with a long lasting super hydrophobic effect


Protects your delicate leather from deterioration and stains to maintain that new look


Protects fabrics from everyday stains and spills using super hydrophobic technology


Stink removes the iron deposits from body work and other surfaces during the cleaning phase


Our highly concentrated, high foaming and superb lubricating shampoo


Slide provides a super lucubrating surface ensuring clay bars glide friction free.


Pre treatment cleaner that removes polish residues to improve the adhesion of ceramic coatings


3 month ceramic sealant for quick, easy protection or use a top to our other ceramic coatings


PH neutral penetrating foam detergent that contains powerful cleaning agents effective in the removal of everyday soiling and road grime