Ceramic Coating


Super Slick

Slick to the touch with insane hydrophobic properties

Chemical Resistant

Developed to withstand strong chemicals that fall onto the paint work.

24 Month Durability

24 Month 9H hardness coating with outstanding protection. Perfect for lease vehicles

Super High Gloss

High gloss finish will make vehicles look like they have been dipped in glass

Extreme Ceramic Protection

Wax is Dead Ultra Ceramic Coating is a professional grade coating with 9H hardness that lasts for 24 Months to 3 Years. Offering superior protection from chemicals etching due to environmental impacts. Ultra impacts an outstanding gloss, and protects your surfaces from every day contamination through its touch resistance & self cleaning properties

Ultra was designed so that everyone can benefit from Ceramic Coatings on there vehicles and covers a low budget package with high impacting results.

Again this coating is a next generation 1 layer Ceramic and if for Approved & Certified Installers Only

If you would like more information on becoming an approved installer or you are a customer looking to get your vehicle protected follow the links below.


Our Ceramic Technology

Once applied Ultra forms an impenetrable seal over the vehicles paintwork so outside elements that diminish reflection, cause damage and corrosion cant adhere to the surface. This ensures the paint remains looking it’s best with minimal effort.

Get Protected With Wax is Dead

Ultra must be applied by an approved installer.